Alnus Studio provides audio for all kinds of media,
and is one of the few full-scale audio service provider for multimedia and videogames.

Our mission is to embrace projects we really believe into,
to make audio that really defines an unique experience

  • Creativity

    in good (wave)shape

    From out-of-this-world effects to hyper-realistic foley, gentle breezes or earthshaking explosions - we get you covered.

  • Bel canto

    We are able to provide the music you're looking for, or the one you didn't know you were looking for.

  • Audio artisans

    We take audio and technology as synonyms. Be it through implementation or custom programming, we can carve your specific audio solution based on your needs.

  • Fantasia

    in crescendo

    We strongly believe in teamwork and creative collaboration. When we need specific artistic or technical skills, we never compromise.

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